Merce Festival,
Various Locations,
Barcelona, Spain
23rd - 25th September 2005
  • "Cool! Kept Joanna occupied for precious non-screaming minutes too! That Barcelona just looks like one big playground!! Hope you're having as much fun as it looks like."

    Helen Williams
  • "I really liked that!"

    Belinda Law
  • "Loved it!!"

    Manuella Burns
  • "Very pretty. Felt like I was there..."

    Martin Hopewell
  • "That was cool, really liked it. Just curious, what were you eating at the end there?"

    Christa Helwig
  • "didn't work for my connection in the public library dude."

    Adrian Leaman
  • "Looks like almost as much fun as the Taste of Minnesota!"

    Jil Magaard
  • "Wow. Lots of colour & movement! Looks like you had a very busy time..... Nice work"

    Dave Carnovale
  • "wow. very cool. I've been to the Merce Festival a few times. I think you captured the.... thingy... of it. nice. very nice."

    Howard O'Toole
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